WISP 2.0: Waynflete students dive into snow science and climate change in the White Mountains

Eighteen Middle School students recently embarked on the second iteration of Waynflete’s Winter Ice and Snow Program (WISP) in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Guided by experts like Stephanie Dolan and Dr. Susana Hancock ’03, the group explored the realms of snow science and climate change indicators. Their expedition spanned four days and included time spent in the high huts above the treeline. Despite the challenging weather conditions—a foot-and-a-half of new snow and peak wind gusts hitting 100 mph—students remained undeterred and were thrilled by the hands-on learning experience.

Thank you to Battelle for helping to make this remarkable journey possible!

Learn more about Waynflete’s WISP program at wf-link.org/wisp.

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